Scorpio Season Has Officially Begun: Here’s Exactly How Fkd It Is For Your Star Sign

Kourtney Scorpio Season

Scorpio season officially kicks off today, which means that everyone is going to have a lovely time for the next couple of weeks. Nah jokes, this is astrology, nothing is ever calm. We’re all in for some fuckery, so I hope you’re ready.

You might often think that Scorpios are fiery or opinionated or even steamy in the bedroom (given their stereotypical traits of being amazing lovers), but Scorpio is in fact a water sign. This means that we’re about to enter a season dominated by emotion, which is what water signs are all about.

This may not help you prepare for the upcoming days, but in Tarot, Scorpio is represented by the card Death. Just thought I’d put that out there before I get into what this means for you and your star sign.

Scorpio season will last us from October 23 – November 22. That’s Halloween and the American election in one, so yeah, we’re in for it.


It’s the season of love baby! If you’re a child of the bull, your main goal this Scorpio season is to keep your horns in check, as you’ve got an increased chance to become overly possessive with your lovers.

For the most part though, loyalty is something you will value and notice the most throughout the coming days, especially in romantic partners. You just want someone to love you and stick by you goddammit!


Cancers are going to go full detective mode in Scorpio season, so just hand them their trench coat and let them be at peace. Speculation, mystery and examination are going to become important traits for the crab folk, especially when it comes to lovers.

If a Cancer leaves their potential bae on a whim, just trust them, they’ve done the research to know what’s up.


As a fellow Sag, I’ve got some bad news folks. Scorpio season is about dealing with your inner emotions to avoid complete destruction. Sure it’s fun being the free-spirited sign who makes decisions on a whim, but Scorpio is one of the major seasons for all of that to slow down in place of introspection.

Let’s be emotional and bare our souls for just one month Sagittariuses, we can do this. I believe in us.


Hello Capricorns! Unfortunately, Scorpio doesn’t exactly say much in the way of love for you lot, which is both a good and a bad thing. Scorpio season for you all is more about friendships. It’s time to tighten up those circles, get together with your besties and just enjoy them for what they have to offer.


Time to get to work bbs! Your hard work and efforts in your job are about to be rewarded big time, or at the very least, noticed and celebrated. While all the other signs are off falling in love and cracking open their emotional shells, you need to be putting in some extra effort in your work because Scorpio is the time for you to be celebrated.

Your hard work in fields such as love will also pay off, so keep up the good work!


Scorpio season is the time that Aries go off to have amazing passionate love affairs and increase their bad bitchery. Basically, watch out for them, because they’re about to become an unstoppable force.

Aries are more likely to start looking at their possessions more closely, keeping money close and the things they’ve worked hard for even closer. If an Aries decides to share physical things with you during this season, literally marry them.

If you are an Aries though, you probably won’t give anything to anyone for a month, and that’s okay. You’ve earnt being selfish. Have this time, as a treat.


Ahhh Virgo, the one sign that is often mistaken for being Scorpio because of how direct and snappy you are. Because it’s Scorpio season, you definitely need to watch your tongue a bit more.

Communication for you is about to become a whole lot more to the point, and your patience will not be in large supply. This is the season for you to try and calm yourself, and exercise some tolerance for others.


It’s time to make some decisions around your job Libra, as Scorpio season is the best time for you to make moves. Everything in the stars is in your favour to exercise the best decisions about where you want to be, how much you want to earn, and where you are heading in life.

Trust yourself my scaly friends, you’re about to become the CEO of your own life. You own 51% of this company!


You’re about to become a whole lot more interested in what people think, and that’s okay Pisces. Try not to let it be your main focus in the coming days, and just enjoy your exploration into the mind.

I know that sounds like a lot, but at least it isn’t anything scary like some of the other signs. Basically, be kind to yourself, and let your thoughts and ideas lead you to amazing places and new memories with amazing people.


Time to reconnect with family Leo, it’s that time of year. For you, Scorpio season is all about getting in touch with family members, or if you do not wish to, they’ll definitely be occupying your mind.

Your decision for this month is whether or not you desire a strong boost in your familial relationships, because it is on offer if you want it. (I know, it’s not always easy.)


It’s your season baby! Obviously, great sex awaits you. Oh and you’ll also embrace going off the grid and completely being a mystery to everyone around you, but hey, if there was ever a month to do it, it’s now.

You’ll probably make it work for you somehow, you seductive scorpions.


Solo jobs are the best jobs this season, and team play is completely off your map. You’re gonna hit big with the independent journeys, so keep on swinging.

You may notice yourself being more inclined to the single life or even alone time, but that’s okay. It’s not a negative thing, it’s just what the season wants from you.