Chaos Queen Azealia Banks Just Got Engaged To The Guy Who Designed Grimes’ Merch & Album Art

Azealia Banks and Ryder Ripps

Chaos queen Azealia Banks has solidified her status as the messiest celeb of all time by getting engaged to artist Ryder Ripps… the very same Ryder Ripps who designed Grimes‘ album art for Miss Anthropocene. She also announced her conversion to Judaism in the same Insta post, because why not.

On Monday night, the rapper shared a pic of an engagement ring with a cute little menorah emblazoned on it.

“I just got engaged kunts. I’m crying,” Banks wrote.


On one hand, congratulations to the world’s latest power couple, blah blah blah.

But on the other, more important hand, this might just signal Azealia Banks’ triumph in her long-lasting feud with Grimes.

Ryder Ripps got down on one knee and popped the question to Azealia Banks. (Instagram / @azealiabanks)

Ryder Ripps was a frequent collaborator with Grimes (and Kanye West, btw). He’s even designed heaps of her merch and was involved in several photoshoots.

The couple first made their relationship public back in 2019, right after all the whole Azealia vs. Grimes and Elon Musk drama kicked off.

But more recently, Banks posted pics with Ripps which many people interpreted as some kind of provocation – particularly when she posted a piccy of herself in bed with Ripps wearing the very same Grimes merch that he designed.

This couldn’t have been unintentional.

Banks is truly a master of her art, and these are levels of chaos and all-round messiness that we’re only beginning to understand.

Meanwhile, Ripps confirmed the news on his own Instagram, sharing a different pic of the ring which is apparently a family heirloom.

A couple of people on Insta attempted to cancel Banks for calling herself Jewish, despite the fact it’s pretty common and normal for non-Jews to convert to Judaism after marrying.

She made sure to put them in her place. You can check the comments for that.

Mazel tov, indeed, bitches.