Zara Larsson Publicly Torches Her Creative Director For Talking Shit About Her To Azealia Banks

Zara Larsson

Swedish pop singer Zara Larsson has spectacularly torched her creative director Ryder Ripps, firing him in public fashion after learning he’d been body-shaming her with fiancee Azealia Banks.

There is a lot happening in that sentence, so please go ahead and reread it a couple of times to wrap your head around what the fuck’s going on, then we’ll continue.

We good? Okay, great. So, it seems that up until very recently, Zara Larsson collaborated with Ryder Ripps, a conceptual artist and creative director who also designs merch and art for Grimes.

Just today, however, she discovered that Ripps had been disparaging her appearance in a series of messages to fiancee Azealia Banks, after Banks went and posted them, because she’s chaotic like that.

One screengrabbed message showed a photo of Larsson on stage, with an arm raised, and the caption ‘Zara Armsson’.

Banks captioned this one ‘Ryder making fun of Zara Larsson’s arms again’, as if this wasn’t the first time he had done so.

In another series of messages, Ripps said of Larsson “I think z should get fatter, and stop trying to be hot, just be a fat bitch.”

Larsson shared the screengrabs on her own stories, and ripped Ryder a new one for making fun of her, “like I don’t pay his bills.”

She went on to say:

“It’s not even about this specific convo specifically about me … it’s just tiring to always see women’s bodes being this ‘funny’ topic. Ya my arms are genetically bigger. That’s just what my body type is like and honestly it’s starting to get to me because people are constantly pointing it out like it’s a bad thing even though I can’t change it.”

She went on to say that she is feeling happy and healthy now, and asked people to stop commenting on others’ bodies in this way, before adding “so … who knows any good creative directors?”

Ryder has since gone private on Instagram.

Anyway, Zara Larsson recently released her new album Poster Girl, and I’ve been bugging all my friends to listen to it, because it’s the pop perfection we need in 2021, and now I’m bugging you too.