Having trouble keeping up to date with all the Armie Hammer drama? I recently pulled together a handy timeline, so give that a read, then check out the latest update: the alleged cannibal has moved out of his house in the dead of the night, according to his disturbed neighbours, which isn’t suss at all.

Page Six reports that Hammer’s neighbours were totally creeped out after the actor packed his shit and moved out of his and ex Elizabeth Chamber’s home.

The publication reports that the couple finally found a buyer for their $5 million home in the lush Hancock Park neighbourhood.

The couple has had one helluva time trying to offload the home, having dropped the price on the three-story English Tudor home by $800,000 after it failed it cop any bites.

Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer. (Credit: Getty)

Back anyway, back to the move. Apparently Armie Hammer arranged for his movers to clear out the house “under the cover of night.”

One of the neighbours told Page Six: “Trucks and a gaggle of movers descended on the property, working well after midnight and lit only by flashlights.

“We like to keep drama to the minimum in the neighbourhood, but it was already weird that the house sat on the market for months while other houses around here sold like hotcakes.”

Armie Hammer has reportedly been hiding out at a resort amid the allegations against him and apparently he’s been exhibiting some strange behaviour.

Speaking to Page Six, a source said: “It’s quite horrifying, to be honest. [He] walks up and down West Bay Road with no shirt or shoes, without a care in the world. Always boisterous and obnoxious and full of himself.

“No one quite understands,” the source added. “Especially as Elizabeth raises her kids alone and kills herself to do everything for those children. No one wants him here or understands why he’s not in a facility of some sort.”

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