2021 keeps getting weirder and weirder and just when you think you’ve reached your peak with batshit news, something even fucking freakier comes out, like the fact that Armie Hammer has now been linked to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Jayne.

ICYMI: Erika recently announced that she was getting a divorce from her husband, Tom Girardi. Their marriage is a huge fixture on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as they’re renowned for their 33-year age gap.

Erika, 49, filed for divorce in November and claimed last month that Tom was unfaithful to her during their two decade-long marriage. Tom, by the way, is the real-life lawyer who was portrayed in the Julia Roberts film Erin Brockovich. Fun fact.

Shortly after they announced that they were filing for divorce, Girardi was slapped with a lawsuit that claims the high-profile personal injury attorney had been embezzling money from clients, including the “widows and orphans” of a 2018 plane crash, and funnelling the cash into his and Erika’s accounts. It’s also alleged that the divorce is a “sham” to protect that money.

With all this going down, Erika has moved into a $1.5 million Spanish-style home in L.A., according to Realtor.com and conservatorship legal documents obtained by E! News.

And according to celebrity tea-spilling Instagram page @deuxmoi, Erika’s new home is right next-door to another celebrity who’s currently dominating the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Armie Hammer.

An anonymous and unverified tip reads: “Erika has been living next door to Armie. We were like ‘OMG’ all summer because she would be outside at her pool and could hear Armie having loud outdoor sex. She’d be outside with her kids and hear it.” (Editor’s note: Real Housewives stans will know that Erika only has one adult son. According to a subsequent tip to deuxmoi, the woman with kids refers to a “prior neighbour” who had kids and would allegedly overhear Armie engaging in loud sex).

The next IG Story showed a screenshot from Armie’s alleged finsta featuring what looks like a picture of Erika Jayne.


The caption reads: “My new neighbour just moved in recently and slid into my DMs. She said she can hear what happens over on my side of the fence and she wants in. This is my new neighbour.”

This has not been verified by either Armie or Erika, but that’s the buzz going ’round at the moment.

A Beverly Hills-based influencer also corroborated the story that the two stars are currently involved.

Peep the video below:

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