Hamish & Andy Once Did An Interview W/ A Celeb That Was So Bad It Legit Couldn’t Be Aired

Andy Lee of Hamish & Andy fame has revealed the worst celeb he’s interviewed and it truly sounds like an absolute doozy in the worst way possible. Celebrities are, in fact, terrifying.

Lee was being interviewed on The Kyle & Jackie O Show where he said Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash (Saul Hudson) was pretty bloody terrible.

“The person I liked the least was Slash from Guns N’ Roses,” Lee said.

First off, Slash arrived an hour early to the interview. He also brought the lead singer of his new band, then said Lee and Hamish Blake had to interview that bloke as well.

I’m pretty sure that is the actual nightmare scenario. No one should ever, EVER arrive an hour early for anything.

Plus can you imagine anything more awkward than being dragged along to someone else’s interview? Feeling for that other singer TBH.

Apparently, Slash really didn’t want to chat about Guns ‘N Roses.

Lee said he asked Slash to: “Just take us back to Guns N’ Roses”.

“[Slash] said, ‘Why are you asking me a question? Why aren’t you asking my new lead singer?’”

Not a great start.

Blake and Lee had also prepped to play a pretty convoluted sounding game with Slash on-air.

“We got his guitar and an amp… and we were going to ask our listeners to come and ask a question over their guitars on the phone and he could reply with a guitar lick,” Lee said.

“We though that could be fun.”

Apparently, Slash then said: “That’s pretty gay guys”, which is just fucking grim. A sprinkle of homophobic commentary as a treat!

In a last ditch attempt to save the interview, one of the duo asked about Slash’s well-known top hat. It’s certainly a choice to make that your hashtag look.

“Why did you decide on the top hat? Did you start with a sombrero or did you go for a bowler hat before?” Lee said they asked.

“And then he left.”

Ultimately, the interview didn’t even end up going to air.

This actually isn’t the first time Lee’s publicly called out a celeb interviewee though. He’s previously said a different celeb was one of his least faves to interview.

In February this year, he told Fitzy & Wippa that Justin Bieber was “a brat”. The interview took place back in 2015 when Biebs was 21.

Those wild allegations included Bieber eating a sandwich during the interview, then swearing at Hamish Blake’s dad during a game of table tennis. Surely it’s hard to get angry while playing table tennis?

Clearly the list of celebrity nemeses is long: Andy Lee, please spill more of the BTS tea.