Guns N’ Roses Got Booed Tonight For Saying “Hello Sydney” To Melbourne

Being on tour can’t be easy. 
I mean, I wouldn’t know, because music is one of those cool person things, but it seems like with all the plane trips, hotel rooms, setting up equipment and, y’know, playing of the music, you’re bound to screw something up eventually.
Sometimes that mistake is confusing one of Australia’s major cities for another one of Australia’s major cities, on account of how you couldn’t immediately see any landmarks from inside the stadium.

Playing at the MCG tonight, rock legends Guns N’ Roses mistakenly introduced themselves to Sydney.

And while this was rightly greeted with a chorus of boos and (presumably but as-yet-unverified) hisses, most punters found it pretty hilarious, soon got over it, and enjoyed what actually looked like a pretty rad show.

Still, you ever confuse this beautiful, happy city with Australia’s most stressful dump again and we will have words, childhood icons. 

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Fox.