Andy Lee Revealed Who The Worst Celeb He’s Worked With Is And You Won’t Beliebe It Folks

Andy Lee Justin Bieber interview

Aussie TV ledge Andy Lee has revealed his worst interview with a celeb and you won’t Beliebe who he picked.

Lee was a guest on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa radio program on Wednesday morning. He was reminded of an interview he did in 2015 with a then-21-year-old Justin Bieber after one of his songs played on air.

“Bieber was one of the least favourite guests I’ve ever had on The Hamish & Andy Show,” he told the program as he called him a “brat”.

The Biebz apparently showed up late to set and began munching on a sandwich during their interview. This is not very “Yummy” of him I must admit.

Hope Bieber didn’t get any crumby-wumbies on the mics or camera lenses during his little lunch, that shit’s expensive!

“And I said, ‘Would you like to stop for a second and finish your sandwich and we can keep going?’,” said Lee.

Bieber allegedly said no and then had his manager ask producers to let him play table tennis during the show.

“He took on Hamish’s dad because Hamish’s dad was the only person who played table tennis,” Lee said.

“And then he took the game really seriously. He swore at Hamish’s dad, which we edited out.”

Andy Lee also claimed that when it came to the rooftop performance, Justin Bieber told fans that were singing along to stop.

“…He goes ‘Stop, stop, stop, stop. No one came here to hear you. If I came here with my full band, that’d be fine, but it’s just me acoustic. I’m trying to do something real. No one came here to hear you. We’ll start again.’”

YIKES if true.

The Aussie presenter added that he felt that he met Justin during “a time in his life when he was just getting flown around and getting screamed at by girls”. He described Biebz’ team as “the most delightful people [he]’d ever met” and people who were “obviously used to putting out fires”.

Justin Bieber doesn’t appear to be like that now and has not publicly commented on Lee’s claims.