Andy Lee Genuinely Stopped A Bloke From Bottling Him Just By Saying He Was From Hamish & Andy

Hamish and andy

Andy Lee is a man who wears many hats. From television host to radio presenter to waterboy for the Melbourne Stars Big Bash cricket team, or as Andy called it “Chief Hydration Officer” (yes, this really was a thing), the man has led an illustrious entertainment career.

So considering his skillset, it made perfect sense for him to jump on the cricket commentary team at Triple M this summer and gasbag the arvo away while watching the grass grow at the Adelaide Oval. Oh, and watch the cricket too, I guess.

While in the commentary box yesterday, Lee recited a hilarious tale about how he soothed over a potential scuffle outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


Andy Lee told us about the time he had to name drop himself to break up a fight 😂 @andytomlee #cricket #fyp #triplemcricket

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“I actually had an incident at the MCG where I broke up a fight which was pretty nerve-racking,” Andy recalled.

“This guy swung around and he pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels out of his back pocket and went to threaten me with it.

“(The aggressor) wheels around and he’s holding this bottle and he’s about to hit me with it and I’m in shock and all I go to blurt out is “I’m Andy from Hamish and Andy!”

“And the guy goes … “Oh … Maaaate!””

I guess some heroes don’t wear capes. Turns out nobody wants to be known as the bloke who bottled Andy from Hamish and Andy, not even dudes who have clearly drunk their bodyweight in booze.

The story was met with cheeky retorts from Andy’s commentary box buddies. Former Australian test cricketer Merv Hughes arguably had the best response of the lot, speculating on the next moves of the bottle-wielding assailant after learning Andy’s true identity:

“And (so) he hit him twice!”

While this may be a supremely clever way of managing a hostile situation, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to try this themselves. Results may vary.

Australia is currently playing England in the second test of The Ashes series at the Adelaide Oval before coming down to Melbourne for the Boxing Day Test where Andy Lee will inevitably be working as a security guard.