Hamish Blake Mailed Andy Lee A Congratulatory Watermelon, Which Is Such A Messy Bitch Gift

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee

Hamish Blake sent Andy Lee a watermelon and a case of beer to say good luck on his first day as host of new game show The Cube. You read that right. Sounds like a perfect Saturday arvo sesh to me.

But there is a logical explanation that doesn’t involve a backyard BBQ.

It’s actually a reference to the first time the buddy duo were exposed to the series, where contestants are trapped in a small Perspex box and have to nail a series of mental and physical games to win the prize money.

While shooting for Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia in 2013, the best mates got extremely into the Chinese edition of The Cube.

“We’d been on our feet all day so we went for a foot massage,” Andy told News.com.au. “They had a big TV in front of the foot massage area and we sat there watching the Chinese version of the show.

“They kept bringing us watermelon as we watched, and even though we didn’t realise what they were saying, you could tell what was going on with the games.

“We got heavily invested in the games,” he added.

That image: Hamish and Andy sitting next to each other, getting foot massages together, and basically inhaling watermelons, red liquid smeared across their faces. Perfection.

So that explains Hamish’s oddly specific gift: “The very first show of The Cube, I got in the dressing room and Hamish had sent me a box of beers and giant watermelon,” Andy Lee said.

“The note said, ‘This is nothing compared to how much we ate, but at least you can nibble on it throughout the series.’”

Pro-tip: watch The Cube on Channel Ten with a supply of watermelon to hand.

When he was announced as host, Andy explained why The Cube would be such strangely enthralling viewing.

“Things get tense with me and my mates when we play skill games to determine who’s going to get the next round of beers at the pub, imagine doing it for a quarter of million dollars. I can’t wait!”

It’s so fun seeing Hamish Blake play with his LEGO for LEGO Masters and Andy Lee hang out with a giant fkn cube. Our boys are playing with blocks.

The Cube starts on Network Ten tonight.