Remember The Time Hamish & Andy Fully Had Their Song Idea Nicked By Rihanna?

Hamish and Andy and Rihanna

The year was 2012. Julia Gillard absolutely annihilated Tony Abbott with her misogyny speech in Parliament. Everyone’s little sister was incessantly performing ‘The Cup Song’ at the kitchen table. 

Also there were some Olympics I think? Don’t quote me on that. 

One of 2012’s most memorable moments for Aussies has to be Hamish Blake and Andy Lee getting their song idea blatantly stolen by Rihanna.

Andy posted the bonkers clip from the duo’s ‘Remembering Project’ podcast to his TikTok account today with the caption ‘Lawsuit still pending.’ 

If you don’t remember this happening you should definitely check out the clip – but here’s the rundown. 

Way back when the boys had their radio show, Hamish and Andy landed an interview with then-upcoming pop star Rihanna. 

They asked her how she came up with her ideas, with Hamish humming a short hook as an example of a tune that Rihanna might send across to Jay-Z. 

For some reason, he hummed a line not dissimilar to ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, who TBH might also have a case on his hands.

Andy even joked at the time, “If we hear [that] in one of your songs, we’re gonna know where you got it from.”

Rihanna says, “I won’t do that to you.” Famous last words. 

The gag is that by the next time the duo interviewed Rihanna, she had released ‘Man Down’ – which includes a hook that’s almost identical to the one that Hamish hummed in their first interview. 


The boys confronted her with the comparison on the show and it was all in good fun – but honestly? The tunes are spookily similar.

This is a case for the FBI.