Hamish Blake And Andy Lee’s Tips For A Long Lasting Friendship

Hamish and Andy stand in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee, of the iconic comedy duo Hamish & Andy, have one of the most prized friendships in Australian media. Apart from being incredibly funny, one of the main qualities that draws so many of us to listen and watch their content is the genuine companionship that exists between the duo.

It’s a friendship of enviable standards and when asked their secret to such a long-lasting relationship, Andy Lee jokes “as long as I pay Hamish’s invoice every time he sends it to me for being his friend, everything seems to work out.”

For Hamish, getting injured and laughing about those experiences throughout most of their 20s seems to be the glue that’s bound them together, and hey, who could think of a better outcome to stunts going terribly wrong than a lifetime of friendship? They really lucked out there.

Male friendship can sometimes be laced with stifling elements of masculinity and this can encourage young men to suppress their feelings and restrict their ability to be honest with one another. Throughout their career, Hamish & Andy’s friendship has actively contributed to positive representations of male friendship in Australian media and Hamish believes connections are only getting better between Australian men.

“The more you kind of encourage young guys to talk to their mates and be openly affectionate, the better it is,” he says.

(Andy Lee and Hamish Blake have always had one of the best friendships in the bizz. Image: Getty)

The pair have recently teamed up to rep Hubbl, a new TV technology that brings all of your streaming subscriptions into one place for ease of being able to find everything in one spot.

Hamish’s biggest pet peeve is never knowing which streaming service certain TV shows or films live on, and then finding yourself bouncing around different platforms until you inevitably give up. A feeling he’s delighted to not endure now he’s started using Hubbl.

Watching films together has been a staple of their friendship, and sports documentaries seem to be the thing they gravitate to watching most.

“Remember when we took a day off to go see Free Solo together? We went to the movies,” says Andy.

“Didn’t we watch two adventure movies that day?” Hamish smiles back, “we also watched that doco about the Tour de France.”

If you’ve ever needed a reason to chuck a sickie and go to the movies with your best friend, let it be this. And who knows, a couple of those and you could end up having a friendship just a good as Hamish & Andy’s.