Heartbreak High Season 2 Has A 2024 Premiere Date & A Whole Bunch Of New Characters

Netflix has revealed when Heartbreak High Season Two will be dropping on its streaming service, and let’s just say there’s not enough time to find a cute eshay to watch the show with!!! The drop date is that bloody close.

It’s almost time to bust out your best Aussie slang and dust off your Nike TNs because Netflix has revealed that Season Two of Heartbreak High will be arriving on the platform as early as April.

“C U Next Term. Heartbreak High S2 coming April 11,” the streaming giant wrote on its social media accounts alongside a photo of a school board with a giant bin chicken mascot.

Call me Mariah Carey, because I am obsessed with that mascot and I hope it plays a huge role in the new season.

Back in October 2023, Netflix announced that Heartbreak High would return after its eetswa first season. So far, we can speculate about what the plot is going to be, however, we did get some info about new characters who will truly run amok at Australia’s best grammar school, Hartley High.

LOL, kidding, maybe Australia’s most unhinged school? Who knows.

As we only have a couple of months left until we’re hit with Season Two, we’ve wrangled up all the information to get you geed up for new Heartbreak High content.

Here’s everything you should know about Heartbreak High Season Two.

When is Heartbreak High Season Two coming to Netflix?

Although most of us hate Mondays, Netflix brightened the horrid start of the work week with news about its beloved Aussie teen drama show.

On all of its social media accounts, the streaming giant announced that Heartbreak High Season Two will be arriving on April 11 with a picture of a giant bin chicken mascot and a school board that reads “New Term New Mistakes”.

I need this mascot in the PEDESTRIAN.TV office ASAP. (Image source: X / @NetflixANZ)

It’s literally at our fingertips however it gives you heaps of time to rewatch Season One if you need to brush up on what happened.

Who is in the Heartbreak High Season Two cast?

Alongside the date, Netflix revealed some details about a new character who is set to stir the pot. Timothy Voss, played by Angus Sampson who previously starred in The Lincoln Lawyer and Fargo, has been described as an “uber-masculine sports teacher” who is “set to put an end to the bleeding hearts of Hartley High.”

It’s giving that one P.E. teacher who took school NRL too seriously… BABES, IT’S SCHOOL NOT THE STATE OF ORIGIN. (Image source: Netflix)

Heartbreak High Season Two will be copping two new students, Rowan (portrayed by Sam Rechnew) and Zoe (portrayed by Kartanya Maynard).

According to Netflix, Rowan is “an unassuming country boy with a dry wit and a passion for classic cinema who finds himself thrown headfirst into the chaos of Hartley High and a truly epic love triangle.”

Netflix also shared some details about Zoe, noting she’s a “celibacy advocate along with her gang of Puriteens” and this little gang is gonna mess with our fave Sexual Literacy Tutorials (SLTs) class.

UMMM, another triangle situationship and Puriteens???? Oh, to be a free-bin chicken in that playground.

Image Source: Instagtam / @NetflixANZ

Prior to joining the Heartbreak High cast, Rechner (our country boy) had a breakout role in Steven Spielberg‘s biographical film The Fabelmans.

Maynard (Empress of the Puriteens) is a Trawlwoolway woman of Nipaluna/Hobart in Utruwita/Tasmania, and has starred in Deadloch, The Messenger, and Gold Diggers.

Season One castmates who will be returning include Ayesha Madon (Amerie), Asher Yasbincek (Harper), Chloé Hayden (Quinni), James Majoos (Darren), Chika Ikogwe (SLTs Teacher Jojo Obah), Thomas Weatherall (Malakai), Will McDonald (Ca$h), Joshua Heuston (Dusty), Gemma Chua-Tran (Sasha), Sherry-Lee Watson (Missy), Bryn Chapman-Parish (Spider) and Rachel House (Principal Woodsy).

What is the plot for Heartbreak High Season Two?

In the huge announcement, the streaming platform revealed some info about the plot of Season Two of Heartbreak High.

“All our heroes are back for Term Two at the ‘lowest ranking school in the district.’ But fresh hotties, a new sports teacher and a mystery assailant, throw any hopes for a peaceful term into disarray, while the race for school captain is seeing dirty tactics run rife through Hartley High,” the streaming giant announced.

A race for school captain??? I just got flashbacks from my high school experience.

Prior to Netflix’s announcement, Hayden said: “If I was a viewer of this show and I watched this particular thing happen, that’s going to happen, I would lose my mind.”

In other words, it’s going to be pure anarchy.

Netflix also said that “threesomes, chlamydia and burning cars a distant memory” for our Hartley High students. Although it may be a distant memory for our characters, I am a certified hater and I have some bitter thoughts about some of the folks in Season One.

To give you a quick recap of Heartbreak High Season One — without major spoilers, because you should really watch it — the show follows Amerie and how she navigates boys, a giant sex map and her broken friendship with Harper.

One of the most popular subplots from Season One is the romance between Darren and Ca$h, which made the whole world fall in love with eshays.

The series ended with fans finally learning WTF caused that epic bust-up between Amerie and Harper. Meanwhile, their Sexual Literacy Tutorials (SLTs) teacher Jojo returned to Hartley High after her pupils protested her sacking.

Is there are trailer for Heartbreak High Season Two?

Soz, not yet. BUT at least we got a release date!

With that info, there’s bound to be a teaser or trailer soon.

(Image source: Netflix)

For now, we’ll have to hang tight and wait for Netflix to spill more deets. At least Heartbreak High Season Two is (literally) around the corner.

Image Source: Netflix