Netflix just announced that Heartbreak High Season 2 is in the works after a smash hit first season and honestly, just A+s all around.

Your fave pupils will soon resume classes to film the new season in Sydney (Gadigal, Dharug, Dharawal and Ku-ring-gai lands).

There’s BFFs Amerie (Ayesha Madon) and Harper (Asher Yasbincek) whose friendship bust-up kept us on the edge of our seats all season long.

They were joined by their pals Missy (Sherry-Lee Watson) and Sasha (Gemma Chua-Tran) — lesbians in a complicated relationship. Along with the extremely loveable Quinni (Chloé Hayden) and her bestie Darren (James Majoos).

As for the lads, you’ve got Malaki (Thomas Weatherall) — the new kid at school who joins just as shit hit the fan.

Then there’s Ca$h (Will McDonald) who made the eshay aesthetic cool again, plus total dream boat Dusty (Josh Heuston).

And finally, we’ve got Spider (Bryn Chapman Parish) and with his mate Ant (Brodie Townsend).

And how could we forget spicy sex positive English teacher Jojo (Chika Ikogwe) and the ball-busting and brash but empathetic principal Woodsy (Rachel House).

Heartbreak High is a brilliant reimagining of the iconic ’90s teen drama of the same name.

Season 1 went absolutely gangbusters, shooting to the top 10 shows on Netflix where it remained for five weeks.

And it wasn’t just a hit locally. The series spent three weeks in the global top 10 shows on Netflix (hitting #6, #5, #8 and amassing over 42.6M hours viewed in the three weeks) and reached the top 10 in over 43 countries including in US, Europe, Africa and Asia. Bloody ‘yuge!

It also popped the fuck off on TikTok with the #heartbreakhigh hashtag amassing over 300m views.

Have a peek at our very own TikTok where we interviewed the hot as hell cast:


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Heartbreak High Season 2 is coming soon to Netflix. In the meantime, go watch the epic first season!