Heartbreak High Just Won An Emmy & Can We Get A Hell Yeah For Australian Talent?


If you’re a fan of Netflix’s teen drama series Heartbreak High, please join me in a collective “yahooo” because the series just won an International Emmy for Best Kids: Live-Action. That’s fkn huge.

Season One of Netflix’s Heartbreak High hit the streaming platform in September 2022. The series, which is technically a reboot of the beloved 1990 teen drama, was an immediate hit with audiences for its diverse casting, a daring plot which resonated with Gen Z and utilising language that you’d actually hear in an Aussie high school.

More than anything, it was a series which felt truly authentic to the Aussie teen experience. Finally, Gen Z could really see themselves represented in the characters at Heartly High and instantly it became a hit.

After its release, Heartbreak High spent five weeks in Netflix Australia’s top 10 TV show rankings. Impressively, it also reached the top 10 shows in over 43 countries around the world as well as having multiple scenes from the show go viral on TikTok.

After capturing hearts across the country — and the world — with its Gen Z authenticity, it’s no surprise that the show has added yet another award to its iMDB page. Especially after the cast ATE at the Logies.

The key cast — including Ayesha Madon as high school student Amerie Wadia, Asher Yasbincek as her ex best friend Harper McLean, Josh Heuston as her former love interest Dusty Reid, Thomas Weatherall as her new love interest Malakai Mitchell, Chloé Hayden as her new friend Quinni Gallagher-Jones, and James Majoos as Quinni’s best friend Darren Rivers — have all seen a stratospheric rise in their star-power.

Thankfully, Season Two of Heartbreak High is on the way due to hit screens in 2024. But for now, you can re-watch all of Season One on Netflix.