FYI: A Heap Of ‘Heartbreak High’ Is On TenPlay RN If You’re Keen To Rack Off

Normally we’re well across just about everything that comes and goes to the various streaming platforms at our fingers tips nowadays. But this one’s caught even our eagle eyes by surprise.

TenPlay, the oft-forgotten companion of Network Ten, normally spends its time as the go-to hub for missed episodes of The Bachelor and MasterChef, for those of you who work nights or simply can’t get home by the time the broadcasts come around. Also they’ve still got both seasons of Australian Survivor up on there and they’re still incredibly good viewing, even if everyone on the first season plays the game like absolute dummies YOU ALL HAD MULTIPLE OPPORTUNITIES TO GET RID OF LEE AND EL BUT YOU ONLY REALISED HOW DANGEROUS THEY WERE UNTIL IT WAS TOO GODDAMNED LATE.

It took a freaking miracle for Kristie to beat them into the final three. That sort of thing doesn’t happen every season. Vote ’em out.

I digress.

At some point over the past summer TenPlay uploaded a whole mess of an old favourite for you to enjoy. We’re talking Heartbreak High, mates.

That’s right, the beyond-iconic Aussie teen drama that served as a staple of 90s TV is available to watch right now, with the first three seasons of the show up on TenPlay in full.

Those first three seasons, the ones Ten produced initially before the show shifted across to the ABC, features a slew of notables Aussie actors cutting their teeth in their first big gig, like Alex DimitriadesAda NicodemuTony MartinAbi TuckerSalvatore CocoKym WilsonScott Major, and Emma Roche.

Don’t take our word for it, rack off on over to TenPlay and check the whole thing out.

The drama, mates! The DRAMA.