‘The Hills’ Reunion Isn’t Happening And We Now Know Who Bloody Well Ruined It

The Hills Reunion Kristin Cavallari Lauren Conrad Spencer Pratt Heidi Montag

The words “The Hills reunion” have been flying around for the good part of a year now, and to be honest I’m bloody well KEEN for some serious Lauren Conrad / Heidi Montag / Kristin Cavallari ~dRaMa~, like it’s 2006 all over again.

But right now, the only kind of bitching and blame-giving is happening off-camera, and it’s all got to do with the reunion itself. Cast members have been pointing the finger for months at one another, laying the blame for the hold-up in production on each other.

Back in early February, Spencer Pratt said it was “the delightful LC” (no doubt through gritted teeth while holding a crystal up to his forehead for strength) who was yet to sign on.

Just a week later in a podcast interview, Lo Bosworth literally said “fuck no” to appearing on a reboot (but seriously she was the most beige character in this history of television, so they could just use a cardboard cutout of her and we wouldn’t notice).

But now Kristin has weighed in, saying that it’s actually goddamn SPEIDI’S stupid fault that we’re not getting The Hills reunion that we need and frankly, deserve.

Speaking to Jenny McCarthy on her US radio show, Kristin spilled all sorts of hot tea. “Well truth be told they were trying to get us all together, and then two people pulled out,” she hinted. When Jenny pressed her on names and guessed “Speidi”, Kristin offered: “Well it’s for a specific reason [Speidi] can’t do it… they have another contract so they’re not able to do it.”

WHAT. ANOTHER CONTRACT. I just flat-out don’t believe this. I mean, they pair has been desperate for attention for the good part of a decade and suddenly they have all these offers rolling in?!

Whatever you’re working on, Spencer and Heidi, it’s not going to be as iconic as a Hills reunion. So just ditch it and play ball, please.

While we wait for Speidi to come to their senses, you can relive all the LC side eye your heart desires over at Stan, where the entire OG series is currently streaming.