The Cast Of Netflix’s Heartbreak High Reboot Is Here & We’re Yet To See An Eyebrow Piercing

heartbreak high reboot cast

Oh absolutely rack off, the cast for the rebooted Heartbreak High series on Netflix has landed. While there’s a serious lack of eyebrow piercings and gel-spiked hair in the 2022 class of Hartley High, the new gang looks like they’ll fit perfectly into that Heartbreak High-sized void in our lives.

Netflix dropped the news before the morning bell on Monday, revealing the 11 Aussies making up the core group in the return to the iconic rough-as-guts school, and letting it slip that production has already kicked off in Sydney on the limited series.

Bless the 20-year trend cycle, because this group literally look like they could have been in the original series that wound up in 1999. Am I already trying to pick who’s going to be the next Bogdan Drazic of the 2022 Heartbreak High cast? Yes, I am and I’m putting money on the smouldering bloke in the white denim jacket in the middle there.

Who’s Starring In The Heartbreak High Reboot Cast?

Netflix fired off a couple of tweets detailing the basic plot line of the eight-episode series, and hot damn this sounds like it’s going to kick things off just how diehard fans would want it to.

“The eight-episode series will reimagine the well-loved classic for a new generation, following Amerie (Ayesha Madon) after she becomes a pariah at Hartley High and has a public rift with her ride-or-die Harper (Asher Yasbincek),” the plot reads.

“With the help of new friends Quinni (Chloe Hayden) and Darren (James Majoos), Amerie must repair her reputation, whilst navigating love, sex, and heartbreak along the way.”

Darren. Of course there’s a fucking DARREN in the mix here.

The rest of the Heartbreak High cast is filled out with a shitload of homegrown Aussie talent, including Josh Heuston, Thomas Weatherall, Will McDonald, Gemma Chua-Tran, Rachel House, Chika Ikogwe, Sherry-Lee Watson, Bryn Chapman-Parish and Brodie Townsend.

Heartbreak High is set to land on Netflix globally (!!!) in 2022, surely bringing our insane Aussie slang to a whole new generation of people. Can’t fucken wait.