Calling All Hamish & Andy Fans: The Boys Have Just Dropped Like Every Radio Show They’ve Ever Done

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have been in the broadcasting game since 2006, which is a fact that makes me feel immeasurably and irreconcilably old. I remember listening to their radio show on the way home from primary school — and now? Now I am a disgusting adult with disgusting adult responsibilities.

It’s a good thing the boys have just dropped twelve years’ worth of content on Apple Podcasts then innit. I can reminisce about the good old days of childhood innocence while re-listening to golden oldie eps of the radio show from years past.

For $2.99 a month listeners can enjoy Hamish & Andy: Unlimited on Apple Podcasts. $2.99 a month? Must be verrrry nice to have that kind of expendable income. Losing touch with the common man I see.

It’s not the first time Hamish and Andy have made their old content available via a monthly subscription fee, although it is the opinion of this writer that this collab with Apple Podcasts is a much smoother experience than the old app.

In an Instagram post about the launch, the duo joked: “We were mildly disappointed that Apple didn’t organise a launch event in California for this announcement with Tim Cook out in front of a massive screen saying things like ’this is our best product to date’,”

Hopefully people enjoy wandering down memory lane as much as we did when putting this altogether,” the post read.

No doubt they will. The People’s Chip? Fred Basset? Andy’s infamous lair? Get it all in ya right here.