Julia Gillard Blasts “Sexist” “Misogynist” “Hypocrite” Tony Abbott

Canberra is burning.

In what surely will be the most incendiary parliamentary performance of her entire political career, PM Julia Gillard has accused Tony Abbott of being a misogynist, a hypocrite and sexist during an impassioned defense of speaker Peter Slipper, who the Opposition Leader believes should be ousted “immediately” for authoring sexist text messages containing “gross references to female genitalia”.

“And every day the Prime Minister stands in this parliament to defend this Speaker will be another day of shame for this parliament, another day of shame for a government which should already have died of shame.” Abbott said, deploying the same turn of phrase Alan Jones controversially used in reference to the PM’s father late last month.

Gillard was indignant.

“The government is not dying of shame, my father did not die of shame, what the Opposition Leader should be ashamed of is his performance in parliament,” she said.

“I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man,” she continued. “The Leader of the Opposition says that people who hold sexist views and who are misogynist are not appropriate for high office. Well I hope the leader of the opposition has got a piece of paper and is writing out his resignation.”

*gets popcorn

Watch the full video below…