Ali Oetjen Hints At ‘Bachelorette’ Breakup With Moody Solo Instagram Posts

Ali Oetjen and the piece of wet cardboard she picked up on The BacheloretteTaite Radley, may well have broken up for real this time, if you believe Who/subscribe to the angsty Instagram posts=actual relationship troubles school of thought.

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Oetjen yesterday posted one of those wistful looking-off-into-the-distance shots from a fancy-ass holiday house in regional Victoria, Sky High Mount Franklin.

She captioned the post:

Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart & strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined. Literally felt like I was on top of the world #chasingdreams #standstrong #strongwomen #skyhigh #healthymind #focus #skyhighmountfranklin

That #strongwomen tag? That screams ‘I don’t need no man, fuck you.’

Did Oetjen boldly use her voice to tell Radley to GTFO after those Halloween pics and all that rumours and innuendo about him wanting to lose and become the next Bachelor? Or because he apparently has a mate who told the tabloids that she’s “demanding“?

Radley has not liked the post. And your boyfriend? He’s meant to like ALL your posts.

Today, Oetjen posted a series of luxe hike Stories from Moralta Conservation Park in Adelaide, including one soundtracked by miserable redhead Ed Sheeran‘s love song ‘Perfect‘.

But get this, she’s gone without Radley, who is also “into Heath [sic] and fitness” – or that’s what his cringeworthy email to a potential talent agent said.

Image source: Instagram / @alioetjen.

At the same time, Radley is still blissfully posting away about the couple’s recent trip to Darwin to hang out with crocs. And Oetjen is still diligently liking ’em all.

He’s also been posting from Melbourne, cradling someone’s baby.

Sure this could be easily explained. Maybe they still live in different cities, maybe Oetjen just really likes that black ripped-jean outfit. Maybe, the life she is referring to, the one she is “strong enough to live” is simply one where the Aussie media is incessantly talking about whether her and her reality TV partner are an item or not.