Ok I take back everything I said about Adele chaotically wearing bantu knots and a Jamaican flag bikini, I really do. Adele is a true queen and we should all feel blessed to bask in her glory.

On Saturday Night Live (SNL) tonight, Adele absolutely brought the house down and showed us that not only can she can sing, but she can act, is funny and extremely humble.

We love to see it.

During Adele’s opening monologue, she straight off the bat addressed the two big elephants in the room: Her weight loss transformation and when she will be releasing more music.

“My album’s not finished, and I’m too scared to do both. I’d rather put on some wigs, have a glass of wine or six and just see what happens,” Adele said.

“I know I look really, really different since you last saw me.

“But actually, because of all the COVID restrictions…I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me. And this is the half I chose.”

Despite not being a musical guest, she ended up singing in a hilarious Bachelor skit.

The skits really did not disappoint. Adele brought so much charisma, she had people claiming she “just saved 2020.”

I think the best part of her entire SNL performance was when she broke character on set with Kate McKinnon, and tell me why Adele breaking character is just so damn relatable?

It has been 12 years since our queen last appeared on SNL, and in her opening monologue she said that it was because of that first performance that she became a success in the US.

Adele, as always, looked incredibly stunning.

But everyone on Twitter praising the singer for how good she now looks, needs to remember that Adele was always beautiful. The weight loss isn’t what has made her beautiful, she just looks happy and confident.

Adele has always been a queen…except that one time with the bantu knots, but let’s not discuss that again.