Abbie Chatfield Spills Major Details On Her New Relationship: ‘He Makes Me So Happy’

Abbie Chatfield has shared some good news on her It’s A Lot podcast. And the announcement was so stinking cute, it even had me giggling and kicking my feet.

Reality TV star turned Aussie entertainment icon Abbie Chatfield has took to her popular podcast to reveal that she’s now in a thriving relationship! Look, after everything she’s been through, such as The Bachelor and that one Konrad bloke, it’s truly what she deserves.

In the special two-part episode, Chatfield shared that her current partner actually started as a “close friendship” which then blossomed into a “deep connection”. Ahhhh, we love a friends-to-lovers story.

“I’ve known him for a couple of years,” Abbie revealed.

“I cry every day because of how I am happy… because he makes me so happy.”

Abbie also added that it’s “the most important thing that’s happened to me, dating-wise.” How bloody sweet!

Further within the first part of the podcast, the FBoy Island host continued to reflect on her new relationship, adding that he’s “emotionally intelligent” and that “he’s so supportive”.

“He makes me so much happier and more calm in every aspect of the world,” Chatfield continued.

“He’s made me like see myself again. I’ve always wanted someone as fun as my friends.”

Although the podcast episodes had its giddy moments, Chatfield shared how her previous experiences had an impact on her quest to find the love she deserves.

“I really had given up on finding someone,” Chatfield began.

“What my experience is having so many different kinds of shit relationships is that I love people that I’m with so much that I’m willing to look past things and betray my own boundaries.

“It isn’t that I like getting treated like shit. It’s that I’m willing to put up with being treated like shit.”

And you know what? I absolutely agree with Chatfield’s stance. I also feel that this also doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships, but ignoring your own boundaries and putting up with shit can also happen in friendships, workplaces and even within families. But hey, that’s just my two cents on the matter and I am truly happy that Chatfield is in a waaay better place.

Alongside fawning over her new boo-thang, Chatfield also added that it is a monogamous relationship. However, her partner has previously been in an open relationship.

“I was thinking he would want to be open and open only but I think monogamy is going to happen for a few more months,” Chatfield shared.

“I don’t think it’s a permanent thing but we’re gonna reveluate. See how we’re going.”

Who is Abbie Chatfield’s new boyfriend?

When her producer said she had already “soft launched” her relationship, Abbie denied she had while leaving a cheeky clue.

“The caption said friends in capital letters,” Chatfield cheekily said, referencing an Instagram post.

Well, if ya shuffle over to her account, she recently posted a photo with Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde.

“Fun Grand Prix w FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! Zoom zoom zoom etc,” the podcast host wrote alongside a string of photos from her Formula One weekend.

According to Daily Mail Australia, an inside source confirmed that she was with Hyde, however, they’ve yet to fully hard launch the relationship. So, I guess I’ll take that tea with some scepticism.

Regardless, I’m just happy that she’s happy! Watching her talk about love is truly a breath of fresh air on her poddy.

We love love!

Image source: It’s A Lot Podcast