Abbie Chatfield & Normal’s Option A Anal Kit Turned My BF’s Cock Into A Literal Machine

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I’m not gonna lie to you. This article is going to be jam-packed with firsts. This is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a sex toy. This is the first time that I’ve used a ~modular butt plug~ on someone. And this is the first time I’ve ever kissed and told about the experience via my job, which is writing. Hopefully, like my experience with the NORMAL X Abbie Chatfield‘s Option A set, it’ll be fun and pleasurable to share my findings with you!

A couple of weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to test out Chatfield’s collaboration with NORMAL. Although the reality TV superstar talked a lot about its benefits, the design, and how pleasurable it can be, I underestimated how much it would affect the spicy side of my relationship.

To give you a bit of context of how I came (hehe) around to the review, how it went and all the gushy stuff, my partner (male) and I (female) tried this cheeky little gizmo together. We’ve been together for almost eight years and the first type of sexual penetration we ever did was anal — me being the receiver — and we’ve done anal play here and there.

Even though with those little bursts of fun, I would still consider us beginners to the whole anal game. And boy, we felt like rookies using this little gadget!

Anyways, onto the cheeky review.

What comes in the NORMAL X Abbie Chatfield Option A set?

The Option A set comes with three goodies. A medium and small-sized butt plug so you can experiment with sizes and see what tickles your pickle. An insert bullet vibrator that has seven different rhythms/patterns (or whatever you want to call it) to play with. A remote for the bullet and a tool bag that’ll make you feel like an employee from Sephora.

It literally looks and feels like those makeup brush aprons but for sex toys!

All the toys and the bag are a matching forest green colour — which kinda reminded me of Bunnings at first glance — but I loved how lush it looked and felt. Like, this is some real-ass bougie shit NORMAL used for its products.

After doing some extra snooping on the NORMAL site, all of the products are made from “non-reactive and non-porous medical-grade silicone” with a “silky-smooth feel”. Honestly, the set lived up to the “silky-smooth” bit.

First impressions of Option A

My partner and I’s initial reaction to opening the kit was us going: “Ooooo… Ahhhhh.” Of course, in awe! We knew this was about to be a game-changer in the sheets.

Unfortunately, my partner and I are very, very, vErY immature and laughed at how the plugs resembled that cursed Christmas tree from many eons ago. Abbie, if you’re reading this, I hope you find this as hilarious as we did.

(Image source: Getty Images / Chesnot)

Doing the deed

After washing the goodies — I used a JO Refresh Foaming Cleanser, which was recommended by the loveliest lady at my local adult stores — we got down to business.

We began by chucking on some funky tunes — think Frank Ocean, SZA and Kali Uchis — dimming the lights into a pink shade and had a little kissy kissy, smoochy smoochy foreplay. My partner then bent over in a downward dog position where I completely made a huge mess with edible peach-flavoured lube.

Slathered that on him, slathered that on the toy (the small size to begin) and slowly began the motion of inserting the toy. The hole, which is used for inserting the bullet, was honestly perfect for someone who has never used a butt plug on someone before. After he got used to the toy, we stepped it up a notch by adding the vibrator.

This is where things get EXTRA SPICY.

After turning the little bullet on, he then flips onto his back and I jump on top and yeah. It literally felt like my partner somehow acquired some robotic COCK. BIONIC PEEN? This is what technology is for, folks!

It was bloody mindblowing.

You know that gif of Rihanna that everyone uses as a meme? It was literally that, times a billion.

Post-cummies thoughts

Look, I’ve always loved Abbie Chatfield as an individual, and I really don’t want to seem like some dick-rider (hehe) BUT if I unfortunately died and I had a Spotify Wrapped of the best sex moments in my life, this would be in the top three.

Although we dabble in anal play every once in a while, Option A was perfect for us rookies. The sizes were perfect, the design of the toys is so beginner-friendly and the bag is stinkin’ cute.

One of my favourite things about NORMAL as well is that the company gives a lot of information and advice on the toy on their website, therefore you can find different ways to experience an Option A orgasm without feeling lost.

(Image source: Instagram / @abbiechatfield and @normalco)

Overall thoughts and feelings

I can honestly say that my partner and I really enjoyed the Option A experience. It was like a team-building exercise but with a treat at the end!

As mentioned at the start of the article, this was a first for our relationship. Also, we didn’t even know that modular butt plugs were a thing so it was nice to have a kit that was perfect for discovering this kind of sex contraption.

I reckon Option A is the perfect starter kit for those who are just beginning their anal journey, alone or with a partner. I’m keen to test out other positions when using it.

One thing I do think that could put some folks off is the price. The price of Option A $220 on the NORMAL website, however you do need to keep in mind that you are paying for the hole (hehe) kit. You can get a 10% deal if you sign up on their site which should lower the price a smidge.

Personally, if you’re really looking towards an adventure in anal land, this is the perfect kit to begin with.

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