Normal & Abbie Chatfield Are Giving Away Over $10,000 Worth of Sex Toys This Valentine’s Day

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Australia’s unofficial Queen and reality TV icon Abbie Chatfield has blessed us with her latest project. A luxurious, aesthetically pleasing, spicy anal play kit.

Last month, NORMAL — a modern sexual wellness brand founded by Lucy Wark — and Abbie Chatfield shared that they’ve collaborated on a project titled “Option A”, a modular butt plug kit for those who are looking to explore the pleasures of anal stimulation.

(Image source: Instagram / @abbiechatfield & @normalco)

Oh yeaaaaaahhh! It’s official, 2024 is the year of the BUSSY BOOM BOOM and you could get started with this $220 kit!

To celebrate the success of Option A, NORMAL and Abbie are running an epic Valentine’s Day giveaway of over $10,000 worth of sex toys, which, just quietly, is Australia’s largest-ever sex toy giveaway!

Five lucky winners can win a prize pack worth over $2,000 including every toy in the NORMAL range, Option A, of course, some cheeky merch, a mood-setting kit and a $250 gift card for NORMAL.

So how do you enter this juicy giveaway, well, follow @normalco and @abbiechatfield on Instagram, like the giveaway post and tag a friend (or lover) in the comments. To boost your number of entries, you can also enter your email address via this form, which counts as two entries, or share the giveaway post to your IG story, and tag NORMAL and Abbie for three entries.

Here’s the post in question.

You can enter as many times as you like to improve your chances!

But you’ve got to be quick, you’ve only got five more days left to enter (it closes one minute before Valentine’s Day starts).

According to a separate collaborative Instagram post, the Option A kit features a canvas tool kit, two sized plugs, one bullet vibrator — which can be used as an external toy or can be inserted into the plug of your choice — a remote and a charging cable to keep the fun times going.

All the items come in a matching forest green colour, giving that old money-rich baddie aesthetic. It’s literally a “how to cum via anal play like a bad bitch” gift set. We’re obsessed.

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Abbie revealed that she was approached by Lucy and Georgia Grace — NORMAL’s Sex and Relationship Practitioner — to collaborate on a sex toy, which began the birth of Option A.

“They were thinking of doing a vibrator and asked if I had any ideas,” Abbie said.

“And I actually had this idea for a modular vibrating butt plug for a while. I have a lot of ideas in my Notes App, and this was one of them.

“I had it one day when I went for a walk without Airpods in — which is crazy for an ADHD brain — but I thought I had so many positive experiences with vibrating butt plugs where I’ve gone in and out of regular anal to kind of get me back into it.”

Why did Abbie Chatfield create a kit specifically for anal play?

The reality TV star said her personal experiences are what led her to create this kit for those who want to begin a sensual journey in anal play. She acknowledged that some people may find anal a bit ~scary~ and hopes Option A will help them explore and expand their sexuality.

“My experiences with vibrating butt plugs were so amazing,” Abbie told PTV.

“Every person that I’ve used a vibrating butt plug with — me using a vibrating butt plug — they’ve been in love with me for at least a week afterwards.”

Tackling the taboo surrounding anal play

Abbie added she specifically made an anal kit to tackle the stigma surrounding this delightful act of booming in the bedroom.

“The reason why we wanted an anal kit is because there’s so much so much taboo around it,” she said.

“And I think who better to normalise anal and anal pleasure than NORMAL, obviously, but also with G Spot [Georgia Grace’s nickname].

“It’s just another resource and I think a really safe environment to encourage anal play.”

The Aussie sex icon continued to say the stigma surrounding all things anal stemmed from homophobia, which is truly fucking sad.

“There’s a taboo surrounding anal in general but a lot of that comes down to homophobia and it’s so important that we tackle that,” Abbie added.

Try not to say mother challenge: failed (Image source: Instagram / @abbiechatfield & @normalco)

Abbie Chatfield’s step-by-step guide to exploring anal play for beginners

Alongside blessing us with this exciting kit, Abbie also shared some tips and tricks on getting the most pleasure out of anal play.

“Step one: lots of lube,” she began.

“Step two: lube your actual asshole and the toy itself, and play around the opening. I would use the smaller plug in the kit with the vibrator in there on a low or medium setting, which you can change with the remote.

Abbie then recommended using your body weight to lower yourself onto the plug, but only as far as it is pleasurable. She also added that folks can try and stimulate other areas — such as the nipples, penis or clitoris — while inserting the plug to see what works for you.

Bop that behind bussy!

Circling back to the taboo surrounding anal play, Abbie recognised women — cis women in particular — feel pressured into having anal sex which adds to that stigma, saying it’s “almost kind of like a punchline” that folks get rewarded with anal when it should be a pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

Abbie also slammed men who think anal play is strictly a gay activity rather than a beautiful sexual activity.

“If there are men that think doing anal play is gay, A) what’s wrong with being gay? Obviously, it’s a very homophobic train of thought,” she said.

“I would also implore them to educate themselves on the pleasures of anal and what they can experience selfishly.

“But I think the main thing is really reconsidering why they think that it’s exclusively gay, if that it does change sexuality and also why being gay would be a bad thing in general and maybe digging deeper into that a little bit.”

Abbie said she’s also keen to do more sex toy work with NORMAL — and honestly after this beast of a kit, I’m so keen to see what she comes up with next!

I need to see all that Notes App ASAP, I bet it’s jam-packed with genius ideas if this was one of them. Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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