Aussie Startup NORMAL Is Slinging 18+ Students A Free Sex Education Class Bc Yr 9 Health Sucked

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When it comes to sex education, it’s always been glaringly obvious that what was, and is, being taught in our schools isn’t enough. Most of us can agree that we were taught the basics — male and female anatomy, how to prevent pregnancy and STIs, and basic P in V sex — that’s why that scene from Mean Girls is so god damn relatable.


To fill the void, people turn to things like porn, friends and the Internet to learn what we should have been taught all those years ago. Because of this, people are often left feeling uncomfortable about their relationship with sex, resulting in insecurities, boundaries and consent issues, the orgasm gap and confusion around sexual identities and experiences.

This was all confirmed when Aussie tech startup NORMAL did their Big Sex Survey last year. They spoke to over 1,000 Australians and identified major gaps in the current sex education curriculum impacting people of all ages, gender and sexuality. It found that among recent graduates, only 1 in 3 learned how to discuss consent with a partner, 1 in 10 learned about the difference between porn and real sex, and less than 10% learned anything about safe LGBTQ+ sex.

It also found that ‘not feeling confident during sex’, ‘body image making it hard to enjoy sex’ and ‘wanting to give partners more pleasure’ were the most significant issues for Australians in their sex lives.

To combat this — and make sex ed more accessible, affordable, and of a higher quality than what is currently available — NORMAL has teamed up with certified Sex Coach Georgia Grace to givvus the education we all should have received back in high school.

Free for 18+ students across the globe (university, college, or technical school) and an affordable $29 for the rest of us, The Modern Guide To Sex is made up of 15 online video masterclasses on topics like pleasure, body, self and sexual confidence, foreplay, arousal and orgasms, masturbation, vaginal, anal and oral sex, same-sex sex, boundaries and consent, sexual health and wellbeing, pain experienced during sex and more. It also comes with e-books and worksheets so that you can put your learnings into practice.

If that isn’t enough incentive, they’re also slinging paying customers 30% off a toy to go with your course purchase, using the code TRYBOTH30. You can check out more info on the course here.