Bachie’s Vakoo & Rachael Clap Back At Abbie Chatfield For Accusing Them Of “Queerbaiting”

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Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor has been wrapped up for an entire month now, but the drama is still slowing like a river with Abbie Chatfield publicly questioning the legitimacy of Rachael and Vakoo’s relationship.

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In her recent appearance on the Outspoken podcast on Wednesday, Bachie runner-up Abbie was obviously bombarded with questions about the show. However, her comments on fellow contestants Rachael Arahill and Vakoo Kauapirura’s same-sex relationship are a big ol’ cup of piping hot tea.

“To be honest, it could be a bit of gay-baiting and it doesn’t sit well with me,” the 24-year-old said.

For context for all of you non-diehard Bachie fans, Rachel and Vakoo admitted they had pursued a romantic relationship after both copping the boot from Matt in last season’s Bachie. They were photographed kissing in Sydney, and seem to be absolutely smitten.

However, fellow contestant Abbie shared her opinions on the matter, and frankly called bullshit on the whole thing.

“I question the validity of that. Yeah, I don’t think that is legit, as far as I know,” she said.

Abbie didn’t exactly tiptoe around the question either, she slammed the pair for “queerbaiting.”

“It is just queerbaiting. It illegitimizes same-sex relationships that do come out of The Bachelor. It makes me feel a bit icky,” Abbie told Outspoken. “It could be legit, they haven’t told me it’s not. As far as I’m aware, I don’t think it is.”

Now, I’m not about to accuse Vakoo or Rachael of faking a same-sex relationship for clout. In their defence, reality shows like The Bachelor are set up to encourage chemistry, so the idea of the two ex-contestants developing some of their own isn’t exactly out of the question. But fellow contestant Abbie is not buying it.

However, Rachael has clapped back at Abbie’s comments in a statement to Daily Mail on Saturday.

“We haven’t told her its legit because we don’t speak to her,” said Rachael. “I have her blocked… she’s the last person I would want to hear from that was part of the show. I hope she doesn’t feel the need to comment on my life again.”

Although Rachael didn’t exactly give a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, she raises the valid point that past contestants don’t necessarily keep in contact.

Vakoo also voiced her opinions on Instagram, sharing the following story on Saturday.

rachael vakoo

Rachael and Vakoo haven’t shared an Instagram photo together since Rachael’s birthday earlier this month. But who knows? Maybe they’re just moving on with their regular lives and don’t have time for daily boozy lunch dates and PDA.

During the time Vakoo, Rachael and Abbie shared the mansion, they were all gunning for Matt’s heart. Additionally, the two girls left the mansion pretty early in the season, so they really didn’t get all that much time for Abbie to get to know them well enough to publicly question the validity of their relationship.

It’s been exactly a month since we saw the final episode of Matt Agnew’s Bachie season, and who knows how long ago the actual filming wrapped up, but it appears some of the contestants’ beef is still very real.