Arnott’s Has Dropped The Official Ranking Of Australia’s Favourite Tim Tam And You’re All Wrong

tim tams

Double coat gang rise up, we ride at dawn. The folks at Arnott’s have done a survey to find which flavour of Tim Tam is superior, and I am definitely questioning these fkn results.

In case you didn’t notice I’m a Double Coat stan. If you can slather a Tim Tam in a layer of chocolate, by all means, you can slather it in two. Hell, I’m just waiting for my Triple Coat so I can ascend to Tim Tam heaven and kiss the Arnott’s bird hello.

Alas, it seems the people of Australia do not share my affinity for Double Coat Tim Tams. The votes are in, and as much as I would like to put on my Trump toupée and demand a recount, I must live with the results.

To gather their results, Arnott’s conducted a Google survey in 2021, asking over 1,000 people over the age of 18 which classic flavour was their favourite. The folks had the impossible task of ranking the flavours in order of superiority, and these are the winners:

  • Original (37%)
  • Chewy Caramel (14%)
  • Double Coat (13.55%)
  • Dark Chocolate(13.02%)
  • Choc Mint (10%)
  • White Chocolate (9%)

There you have it folks, Aussies prefer the original Tim Tam flavour over the other options. Chewy Caramel being in second though? You love to see it. Truly a superior flavour.

I’m also not going to argue with White Chocolate being so low. Honestly, if you whip out the Tim (from the Shire) Tams at a party, you WILL be judged. Keep that weirdo shit to yourself.

According to some further statistics provided by Arnott’s, Victorians and New South Welshmen preferred Dark Chocolate to Chewy Caramel, and to be fair, I respect the discourse this creates.

Both flavours are elite and yet underappreciated, yet offer distinct variations from the original deserving of high placement. Personally, I cannot choose between the two. They both have my heart. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say Double Choc is my go-to when I grab some Tim Tams.

On top of this, Choc Mint was the second-highest Tim Tam flavour in the SA rankings, which is the only proof we need to remove SA from the country with a hacksaw like some Looney Tunes character.

Well, there you have it, folks. Did your fave rank at the top or the bottom of this official ranking?

If it ranked at the bottom, maybe keep your White Chocolate proclivity to yourself.