You Can Now Slather Yourself In This New Tim Tam Body Lotion If You Wanna Smell Like A Treat

tim tam body lotion limited edition

Have you ever sniffed a packet of freshly-opened Tim Tams and wished you too could smell that yummy? But then you’ve quickly realised that smothering yourself in chocolate biscuits is a bit tricky, sticky and probably not acceptable for the bickie aisle at the shops. Wonder no more because there’s a new Tim Tam body lotion you can invest in to make your skin smell just like your favourite choc-coated treatie.

Arnott’s has brought back its Tim Tam indulgence range online for those die-hard choccy bickie fans among us. It includes a bundle of yummy-smelling products to help your body and home smell like the beloved biscuit.

A limited edition run of perfume, a candle and a fragrance diffuser landed on the Arnotts online store earlier this year and now the luxurious range is back with the new body lotion in tow.

So not only can you and your surroundings smell sweet like chocolate but your skin can be nourished too — just like your tummy after a couple of Tim Tam slams.

The new Tim Tam body lotion will set you back $39 for a 250g. It includes a delectable blend of cocoa and shea butter and lanolin to moisturise the skin.

It’s scented with cocoa, caramel and sweet tonka bean which sounds delightfully creamy and yum — exactly what you’d want in a moisturiser that’s meant to smell like your fave crumbly, chocolatey snack.

Arnott’s has included “do not ingest” in the lotion’s use guide which simply says to me that this new Tim Tam product smells so good you may consider eating it. Don’t do that, but maybe have a packet of definitely-edible Tim Tams handy in case you get a bit peckish post-shower.

You can grab treats from the Tim Tam merch range over on the Arnott’s website right now — or go all-in and treat yourself to a “luxury bundle” for $149. Make sure you get your orders in by December 1 if you want your sweeties to get to you in time for Christmas.

Thank you to the Tim Tam genie for allowing me to smell like a delicious treat for once.