Arnott’s Is Teasing Four Very Questionable British Tim Tams Flavours & Scotch Egg, Anyone?

tim tam british

Happy Friday to everyone except Arnott’s, who are now teasing British-inspired flavours including bangers and mash and fish and chips flavoured Tim Tams. *swallows own vomit*

Seriously, have we not already suffered enough this year? At the end of a long, hard day in iso, we deserve a little Tim Tam slam as a treat. But I’d rather Tim Tam slam my head through a wall than eat a fish and chips biscuit.

Following UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent Tim Tam shout out in a press conference on a free trade agreement with Australia, Arnott’s has decided we need a British-inspired bikkie.

No, they’re not tempting us with an English breakfast tea flavour, or a bread and butter pudding biscuit. Nope.

Arnott’s have taken to Instagram to offer us four potential flavours to vote on, but only one of them sounds not completely fucked.

We’ve got *checks notes* Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, Scotch Egg and (thankfully) Scones and Cream.

Obviously, Scones and Cream is the bikkie we’ll be Tim Tam slamming (preferably in some English Breakfast tea for ~authenticity).

But I can’t help but wonder what a Fish and Chips-flavoured Tim Tam would be like? Tasty? Weird? They say salt brings out the chocolate flavour, so maybe the fish flavour will somehow compliment the biscuit.

Voting closed at 3pm on Friday, with Bangers and Mash and Scones and Cream winning their respective polls. Here’s hoping Arnott’s make the logical choice here and give us the bikkie we want.

Yes, I’m talking about Bangers and Mash, obviously.