This TikTok Food Hack Makes Tiny Lil’ Chocolate Toasties Which Is Some Real Galaxy Brain Shit

tiktok toastie food hack chocolate kinder bueno

TikTok has once again proven its worth by offering up yet another food hack that I am quite genuinely salivating over. We’ve done the feta tomato pasta, we’ve conquered the pesto eggs, and now it is time for sweets – little chocolate-filled toastie pockets. A teeny tiny TikTok toastie.

TikToker @adrianghervan has been making various toast-able snacks for a while on his account, but the ones where he cuts out perfectly circular bread pockets stuffed with choccy have totally taken me. I’m so obsessed.

The first one I saw was his Kinder Bueno one, which showed up on my For You Page and has been popping the fuck off lately – and immediately got me planning a trip to my local shops so I can try it myself.

In the vid, he gets a couple of squares of choc and pops them in the centre of a piece of bread, pops another slice on top, then cuts a perfect little circle of dough out with a wine glass, sealing the choccy inside the dough pocket.

tiktok toastie hack chocolate
Yep, ok, I’m interested. [Image: TikTok / @adrianghervan]
And then he chucks it in the toaster (which sent alarms off in my head) and once popped, he’s left with a little toasted round filled with molten chocolate.

tiktok toastie hack chocolate
Oh HELLO. [Image: TikTok / @adrianghervan]
Check out the whole process in action below, I feel like it really should’t work but here we are.


Round 2 because this is a trend now…#fyp #lifehacks #viral #tips

♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

I mean what the fuck this is genius.

He calls them pancakes, which I guess is pretty apt considering they’re doughy little rounds of deliciousness.

He’s done the tiny toastie hack with a bunch of different fillings, like Ritter Sport, chocolate buttons, Lindor, Milky Bar, Smarties, Oreo chocolate, whipped cream and sugar, little apple pies, Nutella and marshmallow – the world is his toastable oyster.

But maybe don’t try putting an actual oyster in a toastie, that sounds disgusting.

Not into sweet? No stress, old mate toastie king has made savoury ones as well. Cheese? Sure! Cheese and jalapeños? Why not! Teeny tiny pizzas? Hell fucken yes.


Pizza in the toaster 🤪…#pizza

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Egg? Egg. E G G.


This hack will change the game forever…#fyp

♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

And if you’re wondering “well what does he do with the rest of the bread slices after making the tiny toastie for TikTok? Surely that’s some real big food wastage areas, there”, he uses them for hands-down the best camping breakfast ever. Toad in the Hole.

I’m SCREAMING I have not thought about Toad in the Hole since I was in Scouts as a kid.

I dunno about you but I’m definitely just going to pop down the shops, grab a couple of loaves of cheap white bread and a bunch of little things, and see how they go being toasted. This is absolutely what I’m doing with my hungover Sunday, thank you very much.