This Odd Strawberry Snack Has 46M TikTokers Losing Their Shit But What’s So Special About It?

strawberry bites viral tiktok recipe

Apart from being the inspiration for the fast-fashion headwear worn by one Miss Shortcake, the strawberry is a versatile fruit that can make any dessert sing. Apparently, this information has reached the TikTok hivemind, leading to the creation of a snack that has been dubbed “the snack of the summer”.

Yes, it is winter here in Australia, and everybody would rather be making heaping amounts of warm soup than frozen dessert treats, but don’t disregard this viral recipe until you see it.

TikTok has a mighty good habit of turning the simplest things into extremely viral trends (see the infamous vodka pasta recipe or the sleepy lettuce water that went bonkers).

Part of the reason these recipes become so popular is because of how easy they are to make. Open your cupboard, get out some pots and pans and you’re pretty much halfway done.

Without further ado, here it is, the viral “Strawberry Bites” which have been viewed over 46M times across multiple accounts.

This video here from TikToker Skylar Toth (@skylar_toth) received over 32M views alone.

And here’s what you see when you follow the #strawberrybites tag:

Did all of these people go to school for slow-motion-pull-apart photography?

As you can see, it’s not the craziest recipe in the world.

Strawberries mixed with yoghurt and honey are put in the freezer and then covered in melted chocolate and frozen again. Ta da, there you have it, the “snack of the summer”.

I just know if I whipped these out on Bondi beach during a NSW December the boys would come scurrying to me like rats. I may as well change my name to Kelis. Everyone would be in your yard if you offered them a frozen treat like this on a hot day.

Alas, we Aussies must be burdened with the fact that this treat is viral right NOW, while the temperatures outside are getting so cold you can’t even cry without creating icicles. Oh well, it’s a good thing I’m still an absolute hoe for choccy treats.

TikTok users in the comments section were pretty mixed on the viral snack.

“I’m terrified by the texture of these,” wrote one user.

“The honey tasted weird mixed with the yogurt and strawberries,” wrote another.

“I definitely thought this was overrated but WOW SO GOOD snack of the summer,” wrote a third.

As always the only way to really know whether these snacks are god-tier or not is to make them yourself. See you in the kitchen.