Menulog Is Slinging Free Delivery For Any Bong Binches Who Live On High Street This 4/20

menulog high street

High sisters! How are we doing on this fine 4/20? Well, really it’s 20/4, but where’s the fun in that? If you were planning on celebrating the day of our lord blaze, who perished on a cross joint, then Menulog has you covered, especially if you live on High Street.

Yep, Menulog is celebrating the highest day of the year, 4/20, with some absolutely baked deals for you and your dream blunt rotation. As we all know, munchies are absolutely a thing, so it’s quite literally a godsend that Menulog will be doing this.

Whether you’re partaking in the forbidden Devil’s lettuce / Beelzebub’s bush / God’s guac / Satan’s spinach / Zeus’ zucchini or not, you’ll be able to grab some free delivery from Menulog right to your door, if the delivery address is on a High Street.

And it can be any High Street too, from Penrith to Randwick and even Prahran. Basically, if you live on the UNSW campus, you’re going to have a very, very fun time.

high street
Make the most of this bargain, my High St friends.

Fear not though, if you live on a street with a far less weed-related name, Menulog will be slashing $4 off any order over $20, which means you can get that extra guac on your burrito without having to even worry about the cost. Now that, my friends, is gorgeous stuff.

To top it all off, Menulog is also running a competition at the moment to let three peeps in on a year’s worth of Menulog deliveries (worth, of course, $420). All you need to do to potentially win is tag Menulog on an Insta post that stars your craziest munchie meal, and then slap on the #MenulogMunchies hashtag.

Winners won’t be bowls of potato crisps and vegemite toasts though, because Menulog is looking for the most batshit delicious munchie creations you’ve got. Think burger rings in a beef burger, or a towering pile of ice cream sandwiches. That kinda yumminess.

Also, shout out to the intern who thought of this Instagram grid that absolutely looks like a joint, but is just a burrito. When those first three tiles came out, I was confused as hell.

menulog instagram format
Okay, now I want a burrito BAD.

If you need me I’m going to be standing on High Street waiting for my delivery. Sure I don’t live there, but your boy loves a bargain. Happy 4/20!