The humble ARIA award has many uses apart from being placed on a mantlepiece or nestled into a trophy cabinet; some have been rumoured to use its weight as a doorstop or a paperweight, others have had near misses with the hefty spike embedding itself into floorboards. Melbourne mutts Amyl & The Sniffers have gone a big ratbag step further and apparently made a bong replica of their ARIA award.

Amyls posted a video of bassist Gus Romer showing off their new masterpiece on the band’s Instagram on Tuesday morning.

No two ways about it, that’s one shiny-ass beug.

“The only thing it doesn’t have,” Gus said in the video.

“Is that this text is done with a Sharpie.”

So no, the Amyl ratbags haven’t actually hollowed out their 2019 award for Best Rock Album and turned into a bong, but instead forged one that’s so painfully to size and spec that I 100% did a triple-take.

The person who crafted this hoon bassoon has seemingly made it so similar to the ARIA that it fooled me for a hot second that it actually was one, and not just a hollowed-out metal replica with “ARIA” scrawled on the side in permanent marker. Regardless, I simply need to meet this crafty human and shake their hand, because it is ART.

It’s not the first time Amyls have used their big pointy boi for something other than sitting nicely next to their self-titled album on the shelf at home. They’ve previously used their actual award for some interesting art – or maybe just testing out what exactly it’ll pierce – by shoving a bunch of things on its reflective point and taking photos.

That’s art, baby.

Honestly, this is even better than the day I found out someone from Sneaky Sound System apparently uses their awards in the dunny as bog roll holders. Now can someone tell me what John Farnham or Silverchair do with their record 21 awards? I need to know.

Image: Instagram / @amylandthesniffers