McPssssst, Macca’s Has A Secret 5c Menu Right Now So Here’s How To Snag Some Cheap-Ass Treats

mcdonald's macca's secret 5c menu

Greetings McBitches, would you like to get your hands on some super cheap Macca’s treaties? I mean, it’s a non-question really, of course you would. Everyone loves cheap shit.

Let me start by saying that Macca’s has in no way, shape or form given me anything to write this yarn (although they very well could to be honest), I’m just obsessed with hot fkn deals, and would like to let you in on this new one.

Until October 14 2021, Macca’s is running a nifty little 5c item menu that will allow you to get your little fingers on either a cheeseburger, large fries or small McCafe beveragino for only 5c.

Of course, there’s a process you must go through to get access to these cheap noms. Think of it like a summoning dance or a sacrificial ritual. This is the simple price we pay in exchange for next-to-free treats from McDonald’s.

So, the deal is a part of a collaboration between McDonald’s and Visa, a kind of you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours situation.

If you enter the MyMacca’s App and pay with a Visa card, you’ll be able to select one of three menu items and snag it for just 5c (which is basically free goodies).

And there you have it, the only catch to you getting cheap noms is the fact that you have to have a Visa card.

The deal is only single-use as well, so don’t think you’ll be able to make a mountain of 5c cheeseburgers on your kitchen bench anytime soon. You have to make the choice between one of the three items.

Personally, I’m leaning more towards the 5c cheeseburger myself, as it never fails to warm up my little heart. Large fries are also very tempting, but I must resist the temptation of multiple choices and stick to my guns.

All you coffee fiends can have your 5c small lattes and cappuccinos, I’m good thanks.

See you at the Drive-Thru mates!

Also, while you’re here, I think it’s a great time to remind you that Grimace from the Macca’s crew is a tastebud. That’s all.