Macca’s Is Doing $2 McFlurries This Week So Go Scrounge Around The Car For Those Loose Coins

macca's mcflurry two dollars deal november

Tis the season to devour thrifty snackies my friends, because it’s the month where some Macca’s treats like burgers and McFlurry desserts are going for heaps cheap every single day. Yep, it’s back once again to keep us fed without taking every skerrick of money we have left over from the silly season.

Macca’s annual 30 Days 30 Deals promotion kicked off at the top of November, but right now we’re focusing on one of the tastiest of them all: the $2 McFlurry day.

This whole week is pretty delicious, with $1 cheesy-b’s happening on Wednesday, and McChickens setting you back two bucks on Thursday, but it’s the elevated sundae sesh that’s square in my sights.

This Sunday, November 21st, you’ll be able to open up the MyMacca’s app (where all your Monopoly tickets usually live) and nab yourself a McFlurry of your choosing for two whole dollars. Not $4 like those creamy pots of yum are normally. Two bucks. Love that for us and our Sunday treaties.

A whole-ass Macca’s McFlurry for one little gold coin, an absolute steal. The best kind of daylight robbery – one where you get a delicious treat and don’t have to break the bank.

Macca’s were wise to share their whole November calendar with us this year, so we’ve got the heads up on what’s coming and so we can plan our daily snack seshes accordingly. For the rest of the month, we’re looking at $3 Big Macs next week, $2 double cheesies before the end of the month, and large fries next Monday that are, well, cheap as chips. Plenty more where that came from, too.

In very good news for some of us, the humble Filet-o-Fish will cost a mere $2 to bring this year’s month of deals to a close. It’s what we deserve.

So gather the change floating around in the car, check down the back of the couch cushions, and scrounge up $2 before the end of the week, so you can spoil yourself with a little treat on Sunday.