Macca’s Is Slinging $1 McChicken Burgs To Celebrate Middle Kids, Every Fam’s Forgotten Child

Call Your Fave Middle Kid, Macca's Is Slinging $1 McChickens To Celebrate Its Forgotten Child

Go and wake up the middle child in your family like you’re that one thick-eyebrowed rooster from Chicken Run ’cause Macca’s is slinging McChicken burgs for a single dollar.

The official McDonald’s Australia Twitter account dubbed the McChicken the “middle child” of the Macca’s menu earlier this month. I hate to say it but this may be the hottest take of all time.

In a series of tweets, Macca’s christened the McChicken the Gene Belcher, the Lisa Simpson, the Malcolm-from-MalcolmintheMiddle of the food world.

To celebrate this tumultuous piece of provocative discourse, Macca’s has decided to give some much-needed attention to their middle child, the McChicken.

From 10:30am to 11:59pm on July 14 (TODAY!), you can snag a McChicken for just a buck (buck buck) via the MyMaccas app. Only one burg per customer BTW so maybe call a couple of mates and have a big ol’ Thursday feast.

“The McChicken is the middle child of the Macca’s menu, often overshadowed by its equally delicious but more popular siblings the Big Mac and Cheeseburger,” said McDonald’s marketing director Tim Kenward in a press release.

“We felt it was time to put the McChicken front and centre — giving this middle child its moment.

“So, for all the middle children out there, including my sister, this one’s for you.”

The McChicken discourse all kicked off earlier in the week when Macca’s first exposed the burger as a “menu middle kid” via Twitter.

Absolutely unprovoked carnage on the delicious McChicken there.

Macca’s then doubled down later, calling out for peoples’ “middle child stories”.

“We’ll go first, we once forgot McChicken was on our menu for a week. Oops,” it wrote.

The problem is, this is a completely correct take. I hate to say it but the McChicken is undoubtedly the middle child of the McDonald’s menu.

It’s perhaps a little less flashy than its burger siblings. There’s not much fanfare around the McChicken, despite its delicious crispiness.

When you think “iconic Macca’s menu items”, I reckon the McChicken is sorely overlooked.

Nuggets are clearly the youngest child of the Macca’s menu: a little bit cheeky, much-hyped, 100% your nan’s favourite.

While of course, the Big Mac is the eldest. It’s reliable and iconic, the backbone of both the family and the drive-thru.

IMO only children are the Fillet-O-Fish — maybe a little divisive but powerfully refusing to play by anyone else’s rules.

As put by Macca’s, the McChicken is “classic and dependable” and “knows how to hold its own” much like middle children.

The company went so far as to launch a #JusticeForMiddleKids hashtag to spotlight the McChicken.

And you know what? I absolutely froth a McChicken. If I don’t know what to order, it’s my go-to.

Yeah, maybe I forget about it sometimes. But when I go to Macca’s and see it on the menu I often think “fuck yeah, that’s the one for me”.

Much like the middle children in my life, I know I can rely on the McChicken for a good time. Never change babe.

See you at the Macca’s drive-thru McChicken mates.