Macca’s Is Trialling A Limited Choccy Soft Serve Cone & TikTok Is McFreaking Out

chocolate soft serve maccas

Um, was anyone going to tell me Macca’s is trialling a chocolate soft serve, or did I have to find out myself via TikTok?

Yes, the rumours are true – a choccy soft serve indeed exists, and it’s not available to everyone.

I first came across this cheeky tidbit of information through Big Brother alumni Tilly Whitfeld, who shared a video of her (quite frankly, perfect-looking) cone on TikTok.


GO NOW BEFORE THEYRE GONESKIES #maccas #mcdonalds @McDonald’s Australia PLEASE KEEP THESE

♬ original sound – tilly whitfeld

She was obvs delighted, and told everyone to “go now before they’re goneskies”. Sis, I’m trying but I can’t find it!

People on TikTok obviously lost their goddamn minds, asking Tilly where she got her cone. It was in Mosman, Sydney by the way.

Maccas has since confirmed to that yes, they are trialling the choccy flavour (on top of already having vanilla, obvs) but only in some stores across NSW, Queensland and South Australia.

“We are trialling new chocolate soft serve for a limited time only,” the sign in Tilly’s TikTok reads. “Try one today.”

Someone commented that they’ve had chocolate soft serve cones in Adelaide for months, which is fucking news to me!

Others said that it was a regular thing in South Australia, and even more said it was available in regional areas. One person even commented their local Sydney Macca’s had it for weeks, but only recently stopped selling it. Wtf????? As someone who is also in  Sydney, I can assure you this hasn’t appeared at my local Macca’s.

Anyway, heaps of people reckon it’s delicious, with one TikTok commenter saying it tastes like “chocolate custard”.

Macca’s said they’re keen for the feedback, which they’ll use to decide if the dessert should be rolled out all across Australia, according to

If the feedback is anything like those TikTok comments, I reckon we can get our hopes up.