Aussies Are Nomming On Unreleased Froot Loops Golden Gaytimes & What In The Toucan Sam???

froot loops golden gaytime

Hold onto your toucans, because it looks like Froot Loops flavoured Golden Gaytimes are coming our way, and the word on the Streets is that they’re absolutely fkn delicious. I would never have guessed to mix the two flavours, but here we go.

Although we haven’t received any official word about the product from Kellogg’s or Streets, Brisbane chef Nick Vavitis has posted a review of the new ice cream on his Instagram. I mean, he’s right here, holding the legendary combo ice cream, so surely it must be real, right?

In the video, Vavitis highlights how fkn good it is to have an ice cream that actually tastes like cereal milk (which is a flavour that is very hard to recreate because it’s so specific and unique).

I mean, I get his point, the Coco Pops x Golden Gaytime fusion tasted fkn unreal, but it was definitely lacking that glorious cereal milk element that comes with a big old bowl of the ol’ chocolate monkey.

“WOW! Ok, this blew me AWAY. The Gaytime actually tasted like cereal milk, like EXACTLY,” Vavitis wrote in his Instagram post.

“It wasn’t overly sweet either and it worked so well. I’M SO GLAD WE ARE GETTING CEREAL MILK FLAVOURED STUFF.”

You can watch him trialling the ice cream below, which I can’t quote, because it’s like 85% moans of ecstasy.

The ice cream even received a rating of 14/10, and Vavitis dropped the location as being ‘7 Eleven’, even though we haven’t received any official word that the product is even out?

What in the Toucan Sam is going on around here?

If you wanna get your beaks around something official, while we wait for word on the Froot Loops, the Coco Pops Golden Gaytime cereal dropped way back in February this year, followed by the Coco Pops Golden Gaytime ice cream in March, and you can still snag them at your fave supermarket.