Messina Has Mashed Together Two Cult Faves To Birth A Dangerously Delish Gaytime Viennetta Tub

gaytime viennetta messinetta limited edition

Just when we thought there wasn’t any way that Messina could push themselves any more, the absolute hoons have gone and created something truly unholy. Deliriously decadent. Crazily crumbly. The gelato lords have smushed together two absolute faves to create a Golden Gaytime and Viennetta mashup hot tub.

Enter, the Have A Gay Old Messinetta. A moment of silence to respect this deeply perfect (and utterly outrageous) combination.

The new hot tub blends together two of the big hitters from the Messina mixmasters – the classic Gaytime-inspired gelato, and 2020’s Messinetta hot tub (which I’m still convinced I somehow willed into existence, and yes I will die on this delicious hill). All smooshed together, you’re looking at a tub filled with layers of caramel and milk gelato, chocolate-covered bickie crumbs, and ripples of caramel and vanilla chantilly cream.

messina gaytime messinetta hot tub limited edition
That cross-section, my GOD. [Image: Supplied]
My tastebuds are quivering.

It’s got everything: the crumble biscuit of the iconic Gaytime, the airy mouthfeel from that chantilly cream combo, and the delicate squiggly bits that are crucial to the complex structure of a Viennetta (they’re still the special-occasions-only ice cream cake, btw).

Like with all of the brand’s delicious drops, these hot tubs are around for a very limited time. You’ll be able to nab yourself one of these tubs on the Messina website from 9am on Monday, August 2, with pick up options available between the 6th and 8th of August.

Tubs will set you back a tight $35, which isn’t too bloody bad considering how fucking delicious they look, and how popular you’ll be with your housemates – if you let them in on the treats.

Oh, and if you’re in NSW and have a Messina in your local area, it’s important you stick to your allocated pickup time to keep with COVID restrictions and make things easier for everyone.

The Gaytime Messinetta is the latest ~custom release~ from the minds behind Gelato Messina, who are clearly getting quite creative in the extended lockdowns in Sydney. Apparently a new creation is going to drop every Monday morning, so keep your eyes peeled for the next chaotic-yum drop.