Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Sangas Are A Hoax But C’mon Streets, What’s Good?

A fan-made advertisement for a hypothetical Golden Gaytime ice cream sandwich has gone wildly viral, with fans of the regular ol’ frozen treat obviously hungry for even more biscuity goodness.

And, if the initial reaction is anything to go by, Streets should probably consider offering the Golden Gaytime Sanga as a legitimate product.

Posted to the Golden Gaytime Facebook fan page yesterday – the very same corner of the internet which spawned the push for Golden Gaytime in a tub – the mock-up shows a lovely slab of ice cream held between two enticing biscuit bits. Yes, the chocolate coating is included:

At time of writing, the image has been liked over 6,000 times. By our rigorous scientific estimates, that number can be extrapolated to mean the entire bloody country would mung on these bad boys should they become available.

PEDESTRIAN.TV called Streets to comment on the veracity of the image; they confirmed they were aware of the fan-made ad, but said any official product launch would be made on their actual Facebook page and website. Which is logical, really.

We’ve also reached out for confirmation on whether those mad ice cream geniuses have actually considered creating what would, for all intents and purposes, be the greatest ice cream ever made. We’ll get back to you on that one.