Streets Officially Announce Golden Gaytime Sangas ‘Cos Dreams Do Come True

Streets have just gone and revolutionised the ice cream game with the official announcement of the Golden Gaytime Sanga, and our hands are feeling sticky already.

Just over a week after a highly-pixelated but no less enticing image of the mythical treat emerged on a Golden Gaytime fanpage, the powers that be have revealed the Sanga’s sale nationwide.

As for its actual construction: expect a slab of that caramel goodness slapped between two soft golden bikkies. Those baked barriers are themselves half-dipped in chocolate, and sprinkled with those legendary crumbs. Good-o.

The Sanga has an RRP of $3.50, in keeping with other classic entries to the ‘ice cream sandwich’ genre.

Notably, the ‘unofficial’ Gaytime fanpage first mused about the Sanga using an image with features identical to the official shots Streets has provided.

At the time, the ice cream lords said any product release would be revealed on their own accounts, but the similarity between images suggests the fan page either has a well-placed source within Streets – or it may have closer ties still.

We’ll keep you posted, if we can manage to do some research while double-fisting what appears to be the greatest frozen blessing ever delivered to mankind.