Arnott’s Just Dropped A Collab With Peters & Iced VoVo Ice Cream Now Exists

We’re going to level with you: a lot of the insane dessert mash-ups we’ve seen in recent years were probably better left as thought experiments. There are only so many ways for the humble donut to be built upon, you know?

That’s what makes the just-revealed combination of Arnott’s Biscuits and Peters Ice Cream so damn noteworthy. It all makes sense. Mint Slice as an individually-wrapped dark choc ice cream treat? Caramel Crowns as a frozen delicacy? ICED VOVOS IN A GODDAMN TUB?


Those bad boys are being wheeled out across the nation as of today, and to be honest, the wintry vibes outside don’t mean a thing in regards to how keen we are to smash the offerings of this blessed team-up. 
Seriously, as per the Peters site, the Iced VoVo mash-up includes “marshmallow, coconut, raspberry jam and vanilla biscuits.” Blimey.