Not Only Are Those Froot Loops Gaytimes Real, There’s Also A Crunchy Nut Flavour Out Too

golden gaytime kellogs collab froot loops crunchy nut

Yesterday we brought you the news that some Aussies had gotten their sticky little mitts on a new flavour of the beloved Golden Gaytime: a truly sweet Froot Loops collab that marries together the bright rainbow sugary cereal with the creamy crumb ice creams. Well now we’ve gotten the official word from the Streets gang – they’re very much legit, and they’re not the only newcomer in the freezer section.

After Brisbane baker/man who sits on his floor and eats delicious snackies Nick Vavitis showed off the Froot-y flavour on his Instagram over the weekend, we simply needed to know more. And then today came the good word: the Gaytimes X Kellogg’s collab has not only birthed this sweet tooth’s delight, but there’s also a Crunchy Nut flav that’s just dropped.

Excuse me what?! Crunchy Nut Golden Gaytime? When did this happen??

I need a moment to sit down, because this has put me in a total spin. First there was Coco Pops ice creams back in March, and then we found out about the Froot Loops mash-up this week, and now you’re telling me there’s a Crunchy Nut ice cream too?

Siri play Spice Girls ‘2 Become 1’ because I need to have a moment to celebrate this delicious news.

According to Nick, the ice cream tastes heaps like cereal milk which is perfect for this combination. He said the ice cream isn’t too sweet, so it complements the sugary cereal and doesn’t absolutely blow your head off with sweetness.

He found the Froot Loops flavour at his local 7-Eleven, and we’ve also got the hot tip that the new flavours are currently rolling out in supermarkets. I’ve already spotted four-packs of the Crunchy Nut variety on the Coles online store for $6 a box, and Streets gave me the hot tip that the Foot Loops ones will start popping up at Woolies in about six weeks.

So please excuse me while I do some very important shopping for extremely essential items.

It’s these ice creams. That’s essential, right?