Krispy Kreme & Golden Gaytime Have Formed An Unholy Union W/ Slashie Ice-Cream & Doughnut

Slashie products are the best – like yes I want you to combine two of my favourite foods to make one, more impressive food. Like garlic bread pizza. And Krispy Kreme Golden Gaytimes.

[jwplayer va98lbOs]

Yep, you can now get your fave doughnut in ice-cream form, blended in with the delicious… hmm… biscuit and caramel (???) flavours of a Golden Gaytime. I have to admit right now that I have no fucking idea what exactly the flavour of a Gaytime is. I think it’s caramel and bikkies.

Who cares! Here’s the new ice-cream, which looks a lot like the OG ice cream.

The difference is, the white ice-cream bit is actually Krispy Kreme glaze flavoured.

But they haven’t stopped there, nope – the brands teamed up for a doughnut collab too.

The doughnuts have a double-layered filling of Golden Gaytime toffee and vanilla crème, coated in a chocolate shell and finished with the iconic crumb, which sounds fucking revolting to me but I also would take hot chips over the most delectable dessert any day, so don’t listen to my opinion.

The ice-cream, however, I can fuck with. Gaytimes forever, amirite? You can cop your own at 7-Eleven stores across the country, but only for a limited time.