You Can Score Return Flights To Berlin For Less Than $700, So Say ‘Hallo’ To Yr Euro Gap Year

Look, let’s be honest with ourselves: this summer has been a bit of a shitfire. Between Miss Rona and Miss La Niña, the girls have been fighting and taking us with them. But the good news is that there are loads of cheap flights afoot if you’re ready for some overseas escapism.

As first pointed out by Traveller, if you book now you could score cheap return flights to Berlin, Paris, London and Auckland. They’re my four favourite European cities.

According to Skyscanner, if you want a holiday in May you can head to Berlin on a $683 return from Melbourne. Yes, less than $700 for a return flight! I’m booking my annual leave as we speak! And if you’re in Sydney, you could hop over in March for $777 return.

You’ve just got to make sure you pack your chicest all-black outfit and biggest, chunkiest Doc Martens. Go forth and join the fabled list of Aussies who managed to score entry into Berghain. I believe in you.

If tea, crumpets and desperately trying to navigate the Tube is more your thing, tickets to London are also going fairly cheap. Well, cheap-ish for flights to the whole other side of the world. Jetting off to London from Sydney at the start of April and returning in early May would set you back around $1154.

A small price to pay for the chance to spot Harry Styles IRL if you ask me.

And if you’re in a classy bitch state of mind, you could spend a month in Paris for $1150. That’s how much it’ll set you back to fly from Sydney in early October, heading back at the start of November.

Live your Remy the rat fantasy.

But if the Southern Hemisphere is more your flavour, fear not! Melburnians can hop on over to Auckland for $312 return while Sydneysiders can go for $325. You can relax, take in the beautiful scenery, delicious food and competent government. What a treat!

Of course, those prices are subject to change, so have a sneaky squiz over at Skyscanner to get in quick.

Kelly Spencer, the general manager of Flight Centre Australia, told Traveller that it was a good idea to get in on the cheap prices quickly.

“We’re telling people to jump on those fares early to secure some of the lowest prices,” she said.

So look, if you planned that gap year back in 2020 and have been desperately looking for an excuse to go to a German rave ever since, now’s the perfect chance.

Oh ja baby: it’s time to become one of those annoying Australian people who posts constantly on TikTok about how much they love travelling around Europe. Go get that authentic croissant and slight British accent, hun.