Heads Up: Scoot Is Slinging Flights To Singapore From $109 Like It’s No Big Deal

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Hugely good news if that one coworker who corners you every day for a 20-minute conversation but has yet to say a single interesting thing in 2 years has almost 100% eroded your will to live: it’s insanely cheap to get your ass over to Singapore and right the fuck away from work right now.

Purveyors of eminently affordable airfares Scoot are slinging some almost-obnoxiously cheap tickets as part of their Take-Off Tuesday sales, with flights going to such wild and varied locations as Singapore, Greece, Germany, Thailand, and China for a bloody steal.

Folks in Melbourne can avail themselves of flights to Singapore from $149, flights to the Indian city of Amritsar from $219, flights to Guangzhou from $229, flights to Bangkok from $179, and flights to Berlin from $389.

If you’re in Sydney, you’re looking at Singapore from $149, Berlin from $379, Bangkok from $169, and flights to Hong Kong, Amritsar, and Guangzhou all from $219.

Our mates to the west in Perth are looking at Singapore from $109, Athens from $309, Hong Kong from $179, Bangkok from $149, and Guangzhou from $179.

Flying out of the Gold Coast will get you Hong Kong, Chennai, and Guangzhou all from $199, in addition to Athens from $329, Singapore from $139, and Amritsar from $209.

The fares are all for flights running between March 10 to June 10 and July 17 to September 10 and will quickly likely go quite fast, so get in quick.

You can check out the full list of available fares right here, get into it.