Christ Alive, Aussies Can Book Return Flights To Berlin For Under $700 RN

Despite how excellent Australia can be, the desire to get the hell out of town is totally understandable – even moreso when return flights to Berlin can be had for under $750.

Right now, discount airline Scoot is offering Australian punters the chance to dip into the German capital for some genuinely cheap-as-hell rates.

Budget-conscious punters looking to visit one of the world’s cultural capitals, immerse themselves in layer upon layer of European history, or simply knock down the doors of Berghain, will be able to do so between October and November 2018, and between late January and March 2019.

Sydney-based travellers can pick up flights between February and March next year for $785, while those travelling from Melbourne can experience similar deals for $777.

The lucky so-and-sos in Perth can currently scoop up similar deals for as little as $712.

It’s important to note that these charges come before any extra taxes and levies, and that Scoot requires passengers to pay extra for food and checked baggage. Also: these flights involve layovers in Singapore, so we hope you’re okay with spending a wee bit of time there before hoofing it to Deutschland. 

The deals aren’t expected to last too long – in fact, they seem liable to sell out pretty bloody quick – but y’all can scope them out HERE.