It’s time to frantically text any mate who’s ever claimed they got into Berghain: there are return flights going to Berlin for less than $800 right now and holy shizen!

Return fights from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast are all available right now through budget airline Scoot.

All flights include a Singapore stoppover, and while some of them have quite a bit of time between flights, that certainly doesn’t apply to all of them. (And there’s infintely worse places to be stuck that Changi airport for a couple hours.)

Flight deals website I Know The Pilot posted about the deals earlier today, and promised the deals wouldn’t last long. “Usually a few days but sometimes much shorter.”

Dates run from about September to February, so…. Oktoberfest, anyone?

Check out all the flight deals here and move your butt faster than you chow a hunky Bratwurst and wash it all down with a stein of lager. Ahhh, Germany, where every meal brings the possibility of heart attack but by god it’s tasty.

Image: Getty Images / Johannes Simon