Do you live in Melbourne and want to find out which shops, parks, and essential services are within a 10km radius of your own home? There’s an app for that. Or more specifically, a website.

The website KM From Home is a super easy way to plan for Melbourne’s extended lockdown, which has just been pushed out for another seven days.

It was originally built in response to the Irish government’s limit on movement back in March last year. However very quickly, people in France, Spain, South Africa and more countries started using the site as more and more governments implemented these kinds of restrictions.

Compared to the rest of the world, Australia’s had it pretty good in terms of restrictions (and confirmed COVID-19 cases), but ongoing outbreak in greater Melbourne has extended the seven-day circuit breaker lockdown for another week. But for week two of the lockdowns, we’re getting our radius bubble pushed out to 10km from our homes.

Because of its overseas origins, the website’s name is slightly confusing. Yes, the URL says, but the site’s name is now KM From Home and the functionality for Melburnians is there, which is all that matters.

Besides, you can change the distance to pretty much whatever you want.

Obviously, the extended Melbourne lockdown restrictions still apply with in the 10km radius, too. You can’t have a gatho just because your mates live around the corner – that’s missing the whole point of the lockdown in the first place.

But if you need to check places to buy essentials or where to exercise in public for a couple of hours, this is your best bet to not get busted as well as, you know, doing your bit for public health.

Image: KM From Home