As Melbourne faces another seven days of lockdown, one little pasta bar is doing its bit to try and make things a little bit easier for everyone doing it tough this time around. They’re dishing up free spaghetti and sauce for anyone who wants to ease their stress with a bit of carb therapy.

Good Gnocchi in Carlton North did its first lot of free pasta on Wednesday – just as the extended lockdown was being announced by the Victorian Government – and managed to dole out 300 serves of delish fresh egg-free noodles and juicy vegan Napoli sauce in just over an hour.

Free grub in the middle of a suddenly two-week long lockdown with no real indication whether the federal government will be financially supporting everyone who’s suddenly out of work? Of course that’s going to send a socially-distanced line snaking up Nicholson St in the middle of a surprisingly-warm winter’s day.

After running out of the comfort noodle in breakneck speed today, Good Gnocchi announced they’ll be backing it up and doing it all again next week for anyone who’s got the shop in their 10km radius. Great news for those of us who missed out today because we were too busy screaming into the void.

It’s not the first time Good Gnocchi has handed out oodles of noodles for nothing in the midst of all of this – the restaurant and bar spent time in the big Melbourne lockdown last year giving away free pasta meals all in the name of “fuck COVID right to hell”.

Good Gnocchi hasn’t confirmed when exactly the free spag will be back up for grabs in next week’s lockdown stretch, but keep an eye on the shop’s Instagram and hot foot it over to the inner north when they announce it.

I’ll be gnocching on wood that I can cop a feed next time, I tell ya what. And if I miss out, I can always just carb load myself up on some takeaway gnocchi instead.

Image: Instagram / @good.gnocchi